Externe Steuerelektronik - Detaillierte Produktdaten und Zeichnungen

External control electronics

Key features

  • 4 quadrants, for closed-loop speed control, torque, position-holding and braking control
  • Specific part numbers by motor, winding and options
  • Push-in connections for series connection
  • For use alone or with a PLC, depending on the part numbers
  • Voltage, current and temperature protection devices
Type Type Code
BDE30 for motor 80140504 PWM speed control 79238956
0-10 V speed control 79238957
BDE30 for motor 80180504 PWM speed control 79238958
0-10 V speed control 79238959
BDE30 for motor 80100502 PWM speed control 79294442
0-10 V speed control 79294440
BDE30 for motor 80110003 PWM speed control 79294437
0-10 Vspeed control 79294435
BDE30 for motor 80110302 PWM speed control 79294433
0-10 V speed control 79294431

Key features

  • 4 quadrants, for closed-loop speed control, torque, holding and power braking control
  • Ready for use, supplied with guide, braking resistor, protection diodes and connectors
  • For use alone or with a PLC (0-10 V and PWM compatible inputs)


  • Optimisation of settings according to individual applications (speed and torque limit ranges, speed controller parameters, current limits)
  • Versions available without accessories (connectors, resistor, diodes, casing)
  • Some programming elements for your machine’s automation system can be integrated into the card micro-controller
Type Type Code
BDE40 848551 84855101
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